Choose the optimal patent strategy

and get the most out of

your idea!

Is your solution
really new in the world?

Make sure that you are the first who came with the idea.
It is usually sufficient to perform search in the ESPACENET
database.In the database, you can afterwards not only
monitor your competitors but also get inspiration for further
research and development. The database contains nearly
80 million technical solutions from all fields of technology.

WATCH OUT! The database can be also
searched e.g. according to the International
Patent Classification
which divides technology into more than
100,000 small groups so that the search
results can be well used.

Which category does your solution fall in?

There are two possibilities for domestic IPR protection of
your technical solution. Choose the one that better fits your
possibilities as far as expert knowledge, time and finances
are concerned:
Patent Utility model

Choose other countries to whose territory
you want to extend protection

The Industrial Property Office recommends to consider, in the first place,
the indisputable advantages provided by the system under
the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

By filing an application, you obtain a high-quality international search report
and a preliminary opinion on patentability of your solution, your are also given
two more years during which you can address potential parties interested
in your innovative solution. Moreover, the international search report is
published in English which greatly improves your chance that interested parties
will start contacting you themselves.

Only nearly 3 years after filing the national application you can, in case
of interest, initiate national or regional patent procedures abroad. In Europe,
for example, through the European Patent Office. PCT applications

How to file an application?

You can use an electronic application
or collect a printed form
at the Industrial Property Office.

The Office address is here.

Writing a good application requires
expert knowledge, it is therefore
recommended to use services provided by
patent professionals.

How much will it cost me?

Costs for protection differ depending on the territory
for which you want to obtain the protection.
An overview of costs for the individual EU states
can be found e.g. here.

Think about how to
monetize your idea

Few people want to obtain a patent in order to “put it in the drawer“.
A patent (and often the application itself) is, in the first place,
a commodity that can be successfully traded. Patent strategy is not
an easy matter but entities from developed countries master it perfectly
for the most part. It is worthwhile to learn it or to get an advice!

„Lease“ your patent or sell it!

Through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system, you will be noticed
by companies that find your invention, new technical improvement or innovation
interesting. You can then monetize it more easily, whether by giving your consent to
its use (licence), or by selling it. Remember that higher value of a product means
higher price. A solution protected only in your home country usually has
a significantly lower value than the same solution in respect of which international
patent application has been already filed. Such application lets you have your product
protected in up to 146 countries of the world in future.

Start your own business!

Use your innovative technical solution
for the production programme of your company.

Still not sure what to do?

If you are not sure and need an advice,
do not hesitate and contact specialists:


Look for inspiration.
Browse the database of

80 million ideas

from all over the world for free!

Are your a modern company
aiming to increase its success in the market?

Implementation of innovative solutions can help you bring your
business to a higher level, simplify work, save time and other
costs for your own research and development.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors! Find what
is new in your field of business.

ATTENTION! Remember that more than 70% of technical solutions
never appear anywhere else but in patent applications. By searching
only other sources of technical information, you only learn about
one quarter of the state of art in the given field!

Isn't it too little?
Learn more!