h Why patent?

There's big money

hidden in patents!

Hitachi has earned more than 455 million dollars
from its patents till 1996.
Patents have become the basis of its entire corporate strategy
since the company created its department for technological research and development in 1970.

Some inventions

promise big money

Studies carried out in 2004 showed that more than
125 million people use contact lenses. Their inventor,
the Czech scientist Otto Wichterle, knew from
the very beginning that his discovery had a great potential.

He signed a licence contract with the US-based National
Patent Development Corporation in 1965. When contact lenses
were authorised for sale on the American market in 1971,
the value of stock held by the company Bausch&Lomb,
which owned the patent licence increased
by incredible 250 million dollars overnight.

Even without millions

you can gain the world’s recognition

Intellectual capital

may earn you more

than selling tangible products

Even though they may not have same the volume
of capital as large corporations, small companies
can succeed in the big world. They can win
the world’s recognition thanks to their brains and
optimal use of the possibilities provided by the industrial
property protection system. If you come up with new innovative
products and technologies, your competitors will often
approach you with an offer for cooperation.

For large corporations
it often pays to purchase ready-made ideas
instead of taking the risk associated
with research and development.

Creating innovations brings

international recognition

The Czech Republic may not be lost after all, in worldwide competition
in the area of commercialization of science, research, development and innovation.
For example, major efforts by professor Holý and others, who have created
groundbreaking treatments for AIDS and other diseases, have meant that
the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is able to obtain significant financial resources from new solutions.

In the area of innovations in the private sector, we can point out
the successes of the Czech company Linet, currently the leading European player
in the market of hospital and health care beds. The innovations, know-how
and cutting-edge technologies that the company regularly introduces are
recognized all over the world and the company ranks, also thanks to revenues
fromits licences, among the most prosperous ones.

Don’t waste your money
inventing what is
already invented

Before you start discovering America
check to see if somebody else
hasn't already discovered it.

Small and medium enterprises in Europe spend
more than 20 billion dollars every year
on research and development
       for solution that have already been invented.

Take advantage of technical solutions published by your competitors
for your company's development and improve your technologies.
Detailed technical information is freely accessible on the Internet.
Public sources can tell you more about your competitors' intentions
than a detective agency. The database of published technical solutions is accessible
for free and you can use it to monitor what your competitors are up to, what patents
they apply for, what direction their research and development takes. A moment
of searching in the patent database is enough.

Instant noodles
will go down in history as
a great commercial success

How important
can instant
noodles be!

The boom started by this food was incredible.
Easy to prepare, fast, cheap. The Nissin Food Products company was the first
to introduce the technology for the preparation of instant noodles in 1958.
Their new product's launch was quickly followed by competitors.
But thanks to their patent, which became valid in 1962, the company had the possibility
to easily cut off everybody else from the market. However, it chose the opposite
strategy: It offered other companies a license to use the patented
manufacturing technology. This approach ensured the overall growth
of the market for the company as well as revenues from patent rights.
Nissin Food Products employed a similary strategy again with
other innovative solutions.

Licencing is a way to prosperity.

are business of the future

Academic research
is a constant source of innovative ideas

Original ideas and effort on the part of students and
scientists ensure that universities and other academic
workplaces are successful in most patent applications they file.
However, they do not have to always
aim at obtaining patents: the money they're paid by
the production sector for their ideas during
the patent application procedure
is often sufficient.

It is just necessary to know how to
best offer one’s innovative solution.

Don’t be afraid
to experiment,
innovations will start your career or business

Even if you come from a small town,
are still a student and are not backed by a giant corporation,
you can introduce great ideas to the world.

Why should you take advantage
of the intellectual property protection?

You can
get significant
financial resources right away

By publishing your innovative solution in an international database,
you offer it automatically to potential Czech as well as foreign investors.

You secure
prosperity for your company

By choosing the optimal patent strategy,
you secure long-term prosperity and
competitiveness for your company.
How to patent? Where to look for inspiration?